We Are VDM

We make socially distant memorial videos to help those affected by COVID-19

In these exceptionally difficult times, funerals have had to change.  Social distancing measures have made it difficult for many to grieve for their loved ones, or to give them the send-off they deserved.  At the same time, many freelancers have lost work, and like everyone else, we're at home wondering what we can do to help.

We hope offering free memorial videos helps celebrate life and supports those who are bereaved.

Who Are We?

VDM is a community of freelance filmmakers operating from homes across the UK.

We believe in pulling together at difficult times, so we are providing this service absolutely free of charge to help those affected by the COVID-19 crisis.

Councils, Celebrants & Funeral Directors

Contact us today if we can help you and we will talk you through everything we need to craft a film and make sure you get everything you need to help the bereaved.


If you are an editor, voice-over artist, voice actor, image retoucher, writer, project manager, or creative of any kind then please get in touch using the form below. 

If you would like to volunteer, please sign up here

Like many freelancers, I have seen a huge reduction in my work due to social distancing measures, but we all still have the skills, tools, and passion to keep telling important stories right from where we are. 


Many people are volunteering in their communities, supporting each other through this difficult time, and it is heartwarming. Thank you! I developed a potentially life-threatening autoimmune condition a few years ago, and as such, I am one of the people 'shielding' and cannot go out to help the vulnerable or the NHS as I so desperately want to. Setting up Videos for Distant Memorials is my way of doing what I can.


The first freelancers were knights who weren't attached to any single lord and master, and so were *free* to use their *lances* for anyone.  I speak for myself and the families who have contacted us, to say that we are incredibly grateful to the individuals and businesses who have signed up, supported, and who are constantly working behind the scenes to help people who are going through the most difficult time of their lives.

If you are able to offer your help and support, please do get in touch.

Founding freelancer Sarah is a filmmaker and producer with over 15 years of experience spanning broadcast and digital video. The collective is made up of similarly experienced creatives...

VDM's Producers and Editors have given their time and skills for free since March, to help those who are bereaved and unable to attend a funeral. 
As the country has opened up, funerals have started to return to a new normal, and we have decided it is time to wrap up our free service so that we can also return to a new normal. 
If you would still like to have a memorial then we will offer paid versions so
that those producers and editors (many of whom are freelance and didn't qualify
for government funding) can return to work. 
You can contact us here.

Video for Distant Memorials