Helping You Celebrate Their Story

We live in unprecedented times.


The Covid-19 pandemic has ripped many families apart.

Security measures to keep the Coronavirus from spreading make it impossible to visit loved ones while they are in hospital or attending their funerals.


We understand that this is necessary, but it requires us to deal differently with our grief and the celebration of our loved ones’ lives.

Video for Distant Memorials

A collective of freelancers helping people remember their loved ones through film. 

How we can help

We are Video for Distant Memorials and we want to help those who cannot celebrate and grieve together. 

We are a collective of freelancers – filmmakers, voiceover artists, editors and many other creatives – and we are here to help friends and family members to remember their loved ones through film.

If you have lost a loved one in times of the current pandemic, we will create a free memorial video for you. We want to help you to tell their story. 

To share it with friends and family, to say goodbye and to remember and celebrate their lives. 

We will guide you through the whole process and help wherever we can to create a lasting memory. Free of charge.


Pay it forward

If you would like you to pay for this service please think about donating to the NHS Charities Together Covid-19 appeal.


Or to any charity of your choice.

covid urgnt appeal

It is so wonderful for family to submit stories and pictures to one place.

Thank you

Thank you. I watched the film last night through floods of tears, it's really lovely, thank you so much!


You are all so kind to do this. We will be making a donation to the hospice.

The problem is the family are all round the UK and further afield


I heard you on R5

this morning - what a brilliant concept, well done for everything that you are doing :-)

Just wanted to say what an AMAZING service you are offering here. Never seen

anything like it.

The hardest thing is not getting comfort from those closest to us at these times.

VDM's Producers and Editors have given their time and skills for free since March, to help those who are bereaved and unable to attend a funeral. 
As the country has opened up, funerals have started to return to a new normal, and we have decided it is time to wrap up our free service so that we can also return to a new normal. 
If you would still like to have a memorial then we will offer paid versions so
that those producers and editors (many of whom are freelance and didn't qualify
for government funding) can return to work. 
You can contact us here.

Video for Distant Memorials